Bargello Knitworks (TM) is a tiny, little division of Patty's Knits. Tiny, little indeed. It is the enormous brainchild of Patty Nance and the brand name for her discovery "bargello knitting". It is also the publishing imprint for her book Bargello Knits.


Knitting patterns, yarn, and project bags bearing the name Bargello Knitworks (TM) assures you that the bargello knitting technique will work with those products.

Approved yarns and products

Bargello knitting works best when the yarn has been tested for compatibility. Just because a yarn is variegated or hand-dyed does not mean it will work for the bargello technique. Save yourself time, money and frustration by selecting yarns from those tested and approved for bargello knitting.


Testing is done by Patty Nance, the designer who created the technique for short color change yarns. It took Patty many years to develop the technique and explore its application in hand knits. She has extensive experience with multi-color yarns and can assess their compatibility quickly. While you are always free to choose your own yarn for any project, consider the value of choosing yarns that she has already tested.


Yarn companies do not pay to have their yarns included in the Bargello Knitworks Approved database. Under a separate fee-based licensing agreement, yarn companies may license the logo for marketing and packaging uses. Approved yarns are added to the database regardless of logo licensing.



"Bargello Knitworks", "Bargello Knitworks Approved" and the knit fabric checkerboard with the white capital B are trademarks of Patricia W. Nance. All rights reserved.