Knitting Patterns

Forever 21


Show off the color shifts of your favorite sock yarn where self-striping becomes self-stacking


$6.00 e-pattern on Ravelry



Windowpane Cowl


An intriguing pop of color that's as fun to wear as it is to knit.


$7.00 e-pattern on Ravelry



Brique and Mortier Cowl


...a fancy schmancy way to say "brick and mortar"


$6.00 e-pattern on Ravelry



Brody Cowl


A quick and easy one-skein project


$5.50 e-pattern on Ravelry



Aspen Moguls


My Aspen, Colorado honeymoon in January was an adventure, especially when I took a wrong turn and unintentionally found myself in the midst of moguls. The stitch pattern of this convertible wrap echoes the twists, turns, and carved mounds I encountered that day, providing a reminder that knitting needles (not ski poles) are the only sticks that have any business being in my hands. Thankfully, there is no video footage of my awkward maneuvering off my bum and back onto my skis.


$7.00 e-pattern on Ravelry



Rustic Days


Casual, comfortable, a little nubbly and deliciously rustic, this cowl is the perfect accent for your favorite white blouse and jeans. And boots. Definitely boots.


$7.00 e-pattern on Ravelry